Sunday, November 13, 2011


my first bakes -
chewy chocolate meringues
fresh apple cupcakes
chocolate banana cupcakes
fruit tea chiffon cake

my first decorated birthday cake

Bake a victoria sponge cake and covered with fondant and decorated with royal icing - for my mom's birthday :-)

PME Royal Icing

Learnt a lot of piping work... very challenging but it was Fun too :-)
For the first two lessons, did a lot of piping work till my hands dropped dead!
And towards the last few lessons, just constructing the cakes with all the piping work that was done earlier. Very Challenging indeed. Not sure if Royal Icing is my cup of tea.... think i prefer playing with fondant but doing an intricate work of Royal Icing does gives a lot of satisfaction when you see the final product :-) very time consuming too :-)

Flow with Fantasy workshop

A great chance to learn under Kelvin Chua :-)

leftover fondant

Playing with the leftover fondant :-)

PME Sugarpaste Day 5 - completed!

Last day of the PME Sugarpaste... making of the Bride & Groom and my theme for the dummy cake - garden :-)
Really enjoyed this course and had lots of fun :-)

PME Sugarpaste Day 4

Laces and marbling the fondant for covering dummy, rocking horse (cutter)

PME Sugarpaste Day 3

This time round, it's a fruit cake (base) and a dummy (top)
Learnt to cover the fruit cake with marzipan before covering with fondant.
Learnt to make swags and I decided on a autumn theme - leaves and butterflies :-)

PME Sugarpaste Day 2

Covered a butter cake with fondant and learnt to make a fondant bear and dressed up the cake with fondant frills and ribbons :-)

PME Sugarpaste Day 1

Signed up for PME Sugarpaste at Artistiq.
Learnt how to cover the cake(dummy) with fondant... my first dummy cake with fondant fabric flowers.

Cheesecakes Demo

Attended a demo workshop at Shermay - cheesecakes
My girls love the tofu cheesecake from Sun with Moon, so decided to attend the cheesecake workshop to learn :-)
Tried out the recipes at home :-)

Chocolate cake baking and Chocolate fondant roses

Thought I set up a separate blog for my baking... still an amateur...lots to learn :-)
a journal into the world of baking... started baking back in Secondary School where I was taught home science... baking was fun and my dad bought me my first Kenwood mixer :-) Somehow, baking took a backseat during my working years till now...
did some baking fun when my girls were growing up (only when we have the oven!)
My older girl loves to bake too but she is now studying in Melbourne. My younger girl is pretty busy with her secondary school life which left me with more time on my own.
So, I decided to take up some courses :-) and thus started this journey.

My first workshop - Chocolate cake baking and Chocolate Fondant Roses making by Calvin Mark
at Artistiq. A two days hands on workshop and I really enjoyed it very much :-)
Attended another two more workshop by Calvin - cake pops and shortbread