Sunday, January 22, 2012

First Day of CNY

Lo Hon Chai, one of my favorite dish from young :-) (used to eat it on the first day of CNY at my aunty's place in Petaling Jaya) Never did get to cook it myself cos my hubby doesn't like the nam yee... but since this year, i had my mom and mother in law over and they also eat lo hon chai... and i found this recipe from Noob Cook Recipes :-)
it's yummy, delicious and even my girls ate some :-)

Reunion Dinner 2012

my mom and mother in law came over to celebrate CNY with us this year in singapore :-)
Bought yue sang from Imperial...
dishes for dinner : steamed fish, braised mushrooms with dried oysters, stir fried asparagus with garlic, sharksfin soup with extra crabmeat & sharks fins :-)

Chinese New Year

having our first yue sang before CNY :-) at imperial Nan Bei (very yummy)


time flies...and now it's 2012! Happy New Year :-)
Completed my final PME Sugar flowers :-)
pretty challenging binding the sugar flowers cos it's so fragile!